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Identio's team has supported our own senior skills while helping the younger ones in our own team to rise to the same level. Top professionals who also stretch, when necessary, for little magic tricks that are mandatory in a fast-moving and changing business. Six through five. I recommend!

Fredrik Rönnlund, COO

Identio has helped Vaadin with the product development of user interface technologies. The flexibility of the team and the expertise in web technologies have made the collaboration particularly flexible.

Joonas Lehtinen, CEO

Identio was a great help in the development of web user interfaces, although the projects and assignments changed, the identified needs could be fulfilled with good know-how and the adoption of situations. The cooperation was smooth and the results were professional. Kiho recommends Identio!

Ville Nuutinen, Team Lead

My collaboration with Identio has been very straightforward. The knowledge of social media tools and publishing systems has been excellent and Identio has been able to meet my needs really quickly and with high quality and kept the agreed price without surprises. I recommend and I am also committed to future cooperation.

Mika Ventovuori, Director

We ordered the POC version of our food waste app Unwasted from Identio. I have been dealing with the software affairs for more than 15 years and the project exceeded expectations on all counts. The request for quotation was answered at lightning speed over the weekend and the project was launched quickly. Customer communication during the project was great and the project was completed within the agreed budget. Now that the POC version is available for download, I have been amazed at the number of bugs almost non-existent, when normally I'm used to the fact that the bugs will become much more. During the project, Identio had regular meetings in the Scrum style and they were very pleasant. The operations were customer-oriented and flexible. So a big recommendation for Identio.

Juuso Anteroinen, CEO

It was very easy and quick to do product development with Identio. Their good ideas and enthusiastic attitude were evident in the making and implementation. They had a user-oriented attitude to build a functional entity from the MuoviSampo application. We look forward to continuing to work with them.

Kari Laasasenaho

Joonas Korgan

Joonas Korgan, CEO

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